VIncent Fields’ Leglock DVD Instructional Set

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Vincent Fields 2 disk leglock DVD instructional set.

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This is THE definitive guide on all you could ever want to know about Leglocks!

135 techniques are shown in detail in 82 chapters on this 2 DVD set! Nothing is held back in 2 hours and 37 minutes of footage with no replays! Understand what really makes leglocks work. Learn how to correctly do leglock submissions, entries, setups, defenses, counters and re-counters of your opponent’s counter attacks from every position! This DVD set is sure to make your submission grappling game improve. You will learn many new techniques that can’t be found elsewhere that you’ll be able to use immediately.

This is a 2 set DVD package.

The DVD set has received dozens of rave reviews on different website. Many viewers commented that this was the best instructional set on leglocks ever created. It could easily be put into a 4 DVD set. The price per technique in this instructional is an amazing value. At $50 it is cheaper than a typical 4 hour seminar, and you get to rewatch it as much as you’d like! Vincent Fields has had the honor of training with several of the best submission artists and leglockers in the world (Gokor Chivichian, Gene LeBell, Erik Paulson, Yorinaga Nakamura and several more.)

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