Hello, I’m Vincent Fields; a humble lifelong student of many martial arts styles and self-defense.  I teach group classes and private lessons at my training facility in Marion Illinois and seminars worldwide.  I have been fortunate enough to have trained with many of the best fighters and instructors in the world.  I have professional no holds barred fighting experience and have competed in over 200 matches in various combat sports in the US and Japan.  I’ve been teaching self-defense and MMA for many years to new students, fighters, law enforcement personnel, correctional officers and various other groups.  I ran the SIU Martial Arts Club and PE class for six years from 1999 to 2005.  I currently teach self-defense as part of my full-time job in law enforcement.

The Realistic Martial Arts Training System is the culmination of my life’s journey through the arts.  It is a 10 level comprehensive system that contains a little bit of every aspect of hand to hand combat in each level, and builds upon itself.  Only simple, effective techniques that have been repeatedly tested and proven to work against full resistance are included.  Each level contains:

  • Concepts
  • Warmups/ Drills/ Exercises
  • Footwork
  • Striking (from all ranges)
  • Clinching/ Throws/ Takedowns
  • Grappling (Broken down in 32 different positions)
  • Weapons

All ages and skill levels are welcome to come train with me.  It is my goal to make sure that any student has fun, gets a good/ safe workout, and gains a realistic ability to fight fully resisting opponents in any situation, in all ranges of combat.  The techniques and concepts I teach mainly come from Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Catch Wrestling, Kali, Russian Sambo, wrestling, and western boxing.  You will quickly begin learning and applying techniques in all ranges of combat in a safe but realistic manner.  In the group class everyone trains with everyone.  It is currently for people ages 16 and up only.

Private lessons are available for people of all ages skill levels.  If you do them you’ll get together with me and another training partner that I’ll pair you up with once a week or less for a 2-hour session, dependent on everyone’s schedules.  My general goals for your training are that you have a fun, good workout while improving your real life self-defense ability in a real fight, no matter where the fight goes (with weapons, striking, clinching or grappling).  If you have specific goals we can discuss them and see if I can help you achieve them.  It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, your age or if you have injuries that we’ll have to work around.  What matters is a desire to improve your realistic ability to defend yourself in a real world violent encounter.  If you train with me you will do realistic, hands-on training and you will see your ability to actually fight well skyrocket.  Refuse to be a victim and get yourself prepared, contact me now!

If you are interested in doing some training please use the contact form and send the details of what you are interested in.




Black Belt- Gokor Chivichian & Gene LeBell’s fighting system, 2013.

Black Belt- Russian Sambo, 2006.

Black Belt- Kodokan Judo, 1999.



1st Place, Toughman Boxing Contest, 2001.  (As seen on FX TV).

1st Place, WSF Sambo Nationals heayyweight and Open divisions, 2001.

1st Place, Combat Zone Submission Grappling Championship, Heavyweight Division, 2001.

2nd Place, Ultimate Fighting Minnesota, 2001 (Defeated UFC Fighter Jason Brilz)

1st Place, Machado Brazilian JiuJitsu Tournament, Open Division, Los Angeles CA, 1999.



Gokor Chivichian

Gene LeBell

Dan Inosanto

Erik Paulson

Yorinaka Nakamura

JJ Machado

Ted LucayLucay



Learning and training in the martial arts and self-defense is a lifelong hobby and passion that I greatly enjoy.  I am happy and honored to share anything I know with good people who are also seeking self-improvement.  I believe that anything that can possibly be done in a combative situation must be thoroughly tested in realistic sparring and grappling in training, in all ranges of combat.  By training this way we quickly discover what really works in a real fight and program our bodies to react intelligently and efficiently in real, high-stress situations.