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I’m happy to announce that “ROAD TRIP THROUGH THE APOCALYPSE” – Book 2 of the Hoshoku Chronicles, is now published and available on amazon!  It will be available as a signed paperback copy here soon.


I’ve entered a short story contest

I’ve been a member of the forums on www.mixedmartialarts.com since they first began around 1999.  They have a main forum for martial arts-related discussions and another forum called the OtherGround forum for discussions on anything else under the sun.  Each year the OG does a short story contest where people vote on their favorite anonymously submitted story.  Each of them are under 4k words.  One of the 6 stories presented here is mine.  Comment below with which you like best please.  I’ll post which is mine when the contest is over.


Training with UFC Heavyweight Todd Duffee

I had the honor and great experience of training with Todd Duffee this week while he’s visiting Southern Illinois.  He’s a very friendly, down to Earth guy that is a beast on the mats.  He worked with several of my students and we all had a fun workout.

NOTE:  For anyone interested in MMA/ self-defense training, as of right now class is Saturday mornings from 8-10AM, but starting at the beginning of 2017 it will be on Friday evenings from 5:30PM till 7:30PM.  I do private lessons now on Mondays and Tuesdays but they will be moved to Wednesdays and Thursdays after the new year begins.

Meeting with Author Hugh Williams today

So today I was at Carbondale IL’s Barnes & Nobles pestering their store manager to try and get them to stock and sell my books.  When I went in I picked up a bookmark of a guy I went to SIUC with many years ago; Hugh Williams.  We shared a few Administration of Justice classes in the Master’s program there.  It turns out he’s another recent local Southern Illinois author in the Dystopian genre.  He writes books set in a Zombie Apocalypse.  I ran into him there and we had a good chat on self-publishing vs using a publisher, our books, doing book signings and more.  He was full of helpful information.  We traded novels and I’m looking forward to reading his.  You can find more info about him on his website: http://www.hughwilliamsauthor.com/


Free- Hoshoku bookmarks are in!

I just got these bookmarks in and I’m real happy with how they turned out.  I’ll include one free with any purchase from my store.  I’m also happy to give anyone who wants one for free, but I’m not gonna mail them.  You can get one from me in person or at the Forever Ready Survival/ Emergency Preparedness Store in Marion IL.  Their address is:

2402 Skyline Dr
Marion, Illinois 62959

Their facebook page is:


The owner Tim Hancock is a friend of mine and a good guy to sit down and talk about emergency preparedness with if you get the chance.

Today’s chat with Mayor Butler of Marion IL

The Mayor of Marion Illinois Robert L Butler and I had a nice chat today about politics, the economy and the future of our country. We both agree that these are scary times with more than half of the population leaching off the rest as our national debt rockets upwards faster than we can even pay the interest on it.

Here is his review on my book, HOSHOKU: In The Apocalypse a Hero Rises.
“Wow, this is the most amazing action book I’ve ever read! Vincent Fields really knows his weapons and fighting. It is non-stop action and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”



Welcome to vincentfields.com!

Howdy and thanks for stopping by. I’ve made this site so folks who are interested in self-defense/ MMA training with me or checking out the post-apocalyptic books I write can find me on the web. While you’re here check out the store for more info on my books and martial arts stuff like instructional DVD’s, student uniform shirts, etc.

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